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The 5 Best Degree Minors for a 3D Design Major

Posted by on Thursday, April 11th, 2013

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So, you’ve decided that you want to take the plunge and learn the skills that you need to become a 3D artist. Some overachievers out there might want to go above and beyond and take extra classes in another field to complement their 3D training. That begs the question: if you’re going to become a 3D design major, what should be your minor?

5. Art

Why should you complement art with more art? Well, being a 3D designer has two critical components. The first is actual skill — being able to navigate 3D software and create lifelike models. The other is inspiration — exploring new concepts and creating artwork that’s never been seen before. Music, dance, painting, and other forms of art can bring you closer to your creative side and ultimately inspire you on your next big 3D art project.

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4. Theater

I could have included theater in art, but theater is so useful that it deserves its own spot on the list. 3D artists often have to create characters who talk, feel, love, cry, and express their emotions as powerfully as any Hollywood actor. Studying as an actor can teach you volumes about the subtleties of acting. How can you use facial expressions to connect to the audience? What’s the best body language for this scene? How can you convey emotions when the only thing the audience can see in this frame is the lower half of the actor’s body? Theater addresses all of these questions.


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3. Engineer

Engineering and 3D design have always had a close relationship. Architects and engineers build computer-generated models of objects long before they so much as touch any building materials. The invention of the 3D printer has brought these two fields even closer. If you’re a trained 3D artist and an engineer, you’ll be uniquely poised to take full advantage of 3D printing and scanning technology as it advances over the next several years. Who knows? You might even be the next soon-to-be-millionaire who revolutionizes 3D printing with a new gadget or game-changing blueprint.

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2. Coding

I realize that nobody gets a degree in coding. They always give it a fancy name like Software Engineer. Regardless of what you call it, coding can be a great way to round out your resumé. 3D designers work with computers all the time, so knowing your way around computer code could potentially give you a leg up in the business. This is especially true if you want to design new 3D software. The people who design programs like Maya and Photoshop are truly unique — they’re logical enough to know how to code, but they’re artistic enough to know what 3D artists want in the next software product release.

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1. Marketing

This one is pretty obvious if you plan on using your skills as a 3D artist in the world of advertising. Knowing the basics of marketing strategies will enable you to combine sales psychology with 3D art to create truly powerful advertising campaigns. Advertising firms need creative minds to push the envelope and come up with clever marketing ideas, and few groups are as inventive as 3D designers.

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