Kevin Chen

Concept Designer, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator
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Kevin Chenís roots are from Taipei, Taiwan, but has been a resident of Los Angeles from the age of 10. He spent his adolescence drawing and reading stories and Manga, and by high school discovered animation. He knew instantly he had stumbled on what he wanted to do.

He landed a job as an inbetweener at Disney Feature Animation Studio, to work on Hunchback of Notre Dame. Each day after work, he would sneak up to the Visual Development Department to check out the amazing story sketches. Inspired by what he saw but realizing he needed the education to do it, he enrolled at the Art Center College of Design as an illustration major where he spent the next 4 years studying drawing, painting, and entertainment design.

Though Chen had planned on returning to traditional animation, he realized the field was not growing at the pace of CG, so he established himself as a character designer. He has since worked on a variety of games, animation, theme park and film projects, though his passion for storytelling has not diminished. He intends on turning his career down that path again in the near future, and imparts that passion and knowledge to his students.