100 Placement Rate*

Gnomon alumni have a history of landing studio work after graduation. Our 2013 placement rate of 100%* clarifies that Gnomon consistently supplies Hollywood's studios, and beyond, with the talent they need.

With training from industry professionals versed in the demands of current production pipelines, Gnomon graduates are prime candidates after graduation. Gnomon is proud to have successful alumni working all over the world.

*As required by national accreditation standards of the Council of Occupational Education

Not only did Gnomon help me cultivate the necessary skills to make that happen, it provided tremendous focus and perspective and gave me the confidence to set my goals high. - Steeg Haskel, Blizzard Entertainment

Jared Krichevsky

The Hunger Games:
Mockingjay Part 1

Concept Artist, Aaron Sims Company

Stefano Farci

Exodus: Gods and Kings
Environment TD, MPC

Michael Cacciamani

The Book of Life
Lighting & Compositing Artist,
Reel FX

Francesco Corvino

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Concept Artist, Aaron Sims Company

Lily Heng

Generalist, Digital Domain

Josh Herman

Guardians of the Galaxy
Character Artist, Marvel Entertainment

Melissa Altobello

The Last of Us
Texture Artist, Naughty Dog

Andres Berkstein

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Lead TD, Shade VFX

Hunt Dougherty

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Previsualization Artist, The Third Floor

Klaus Seitschek

Edge of Tomorrow
Effects Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Corin McCrate

World of Warcraft
Junior Animator,
Blizzard Entertainment

Adam Bender

Gears of War 3
FX Artist, Black Tusk Games

Shoghi Castel de Oro

Previsualization Artist, The Third Floor

Michael Colburn

Compositor, Stereo D

Jorik Dozy

Transformers: Age of Extinction
Digital Matte Painter, ILM

Nova Baghdasarian

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
FX Artist, Sledgehammer Games

Alex Cancado

Guardians of the Galaxy
2D Supervisor, Luma Pictures

Meng Taing

Uncharted 3
Lighting Artist,

Nuttavut Baiphowongse

300: Rise of an Empire
Concept Artist, Aaron Sims Company

Aggie Christakis

The Order: 1886
Cinematic Animator, SCEA

Alberto Abril

Animator, Walt Disney
Animation Studios

Ioannis Karathomas

The Elder Scrolls Online
Enviroment Artist,
ZeniMax Online Studios

Casey McDermott

World of Warcraft
Cinematic Animator,
Blizzard Entertainment

Jericho Green

Battlefield 4
Senior Environment Artist,
Electronic Arts

Adad Fernando Morales

Battlefield Hardline
Visual Effects Artist, Visceral Games

Jean Choi

Look Development & Lighting Artist,
Look Effects

Jake Raymor

Lead User Interface Artist,
Zenimax Media

Brandon Fayette

Star Trek Into Darkness
CG Animator, Bad Robot

Ryan Calloway

Pacific Rim
3D Modeling and Texture Artist, ILM

Yarin Manes

Falling Skies
Lighting Artist, Zoic

Jay Machado

God of War: Ascension
3D Modeler, Sony Entertainment

Suzan Kim

3D Modeler, Walt Disney Animation

Dustin Blattner

God of War: Ascension
3D Modeler, Sony Entertainment

Bonnie Rosenstein

Dead Space 3
Environment Artist, Electronic Arts

Juan Gil

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Associate Environment Artist, Treyarch

Sara Cembalisty

Look Development Artist,
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Florin Boieriu

Star Trek Into Darkness
Digital Artist, Industrial Light & Magic

Ebrahim "Abs" Jahromi

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Character Technical Director,
Digital Domain

Jessica Johnson

Diablo 3
Associate Cinematic Artist,
Blizzard Entertainment

Nate Smith

Total Recall
Previsualization Animator,
The 3rd Floor

John Owens

Game of Thrones
Visual Effects Producer, Entity FX

Sabra Haskell

The Vampire Diaries
Visual Effects Artist, Entity FX

Diana Zeng

Lighting Artist,
Walt Disney Feature Animation

Erasmo Romero

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance
Stereo Compositor, Legend 3D

Samuel Perez

Wrath of the Titans
Digital Modeler and Texture Artist, Method Studios

Nitin Garg

Puss In Boots
Texture Artist, DreamWorks

Lucy Liu

Assistant Technical Director,

Luis Cayo

Green Lantern
CG Generalist, Yu+Co

Nikhil M Anand

Rigging TD, Dr.D Studios

Chris Perkowitz

Tron Legacy
Animator, Digital Domain

Erik Halsey

Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows

3D Modeler, Rising Sun Pictures

James Schauf

Iron Man 2
Character Modeler, Legacy Effects

Jason Michael Hall

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Previsualization Artist, POV Previs

Mathew Thomas

Alice in Wonderland
Lighting and Stereoscopic Technical Director, Sony Imageworks

Nathan Boyd

The A Team
Texture Painter, Rhythm and Hues

Konrad Lightner

Wreck it Ralph
Look Dev Associate Texture Artist

Mikele Rader

Clash of the Titans
Matchmover, Prime Focus

Sanjay Chand

Halo Reach
Lighting Artist, Bungie

Jonathan Feldman

3D Artist

Amy Vatanakul

Star Trek
Bad Robot Productions

Andrais J Hester

The Vampire Diaries
Effects Artist, Entity FX

Daniel Haas

3D Production Artist,

Steeg Haskell

Starcraft 2
Cinematics Artist,
Blizzard Entertainment

Dan Tindell

Iron Man 3
Previsualization Artist,
The Third Floor, Inc.

Kirti Pillai

Diablo III
Cinematic Environment Artist,
Blizzard Entertainment

Krystal Sae Eua

3D Modeling and Texture Artist, Hydraulx

Pete Zoppi

The Golden Compass

Linas Jodwalis

Nike Shox M1 +

Mark Lai

World of Warcraft:
Wrath of the Lich King

Senior Cinematics Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

Bridget McKahan

Toontown Online
Art Director,
Disney Interactive Media Group

Dave Pasciuto

Tony Hawk: Ride
Lead Artist, Robomondo

Miguel Ortega

Model and Texture Artist,
Luma Pictures

James Little

FX Technical Director,
Sony Imageworks

Devon Fay

World of Warcraft
Cinematic Matte Painter,
Blizzard Entertainment

Cesar Quijada Rodriguez

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Stereo Painter,
Prime Focus

Brandon Cha

Star Wars Kinect
Lighting Artist,
Hydrogen Whiskey Studios

John Patrick

Underworld: Awakening
Pipeline Technical Director,
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Matthew Chelstrom

G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Previsualization Animator,
Persistence of Vision

Wei-Chuan Hsu

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV)
3D Animator,

Scott Line

Disney Dreams
3D Artist/Animator,
Martin Brinkerhoff Associates

Van Ouk

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1
3D Modeler,

Lisa Bacareza

Resistance 3
Lighting Artist,

Leslie Conover

The Vampire Diaries
Model/Texture Artist,
Entity FX

Josh Elmore

The Avengers
Model/Texture Artist,

Oscar Lopez

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Senior Artist,
Infinity Ward

Tefft Smith II

The Hunger Games
Previsualization Animator,

Tranel Bland

Falling Skies
Motion Capture Lead,
Motion Analysis Studios

Kyle Mulqueen

John Carter
3D Modeler

Lillian Tran

Rotoscoping Specialist,
Stereo D

Chris Karlberg

Kung Fu Panda (TV Show)
R&D Technical Director,
Nickelodeon Animation

Daniel Malig

Lighting Technical Director,
Dr. D Studios / Rhythm & Hues

Stefano Dubay

Arthur Christmas
Character Modeler,
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Daniel Zamora

Previsualization Artist,
Pixel Liberation Front