Maya Fast Track

Designed to create well-rounded, production ready artists who are versed in digital and traditional skills

  • Ten weeks of full-time study
  • Intended for students already familiar with other 3D programs
  • Extensive exposure to the visual effectsindustry and community
  • 10-week visa available for international students
  • Courses can be taken individually

Learn Maya in Ten Weeks

The Maya Fast Track program is designed primarily for individuals who already have a solid understanding of 3D concepts. It is a demanding and intensive program for those who need to get up to speed on Maya quickly. Based on the time-tested curriculum of Gnomon School of Visual Effects, this program will provide a thorough introduction to the premiere 3D program being used in high-end production.

Students will receive a diploma of completion for this program after successfully completing all of the classroom training and laboratory time below.

Availabile Twice a Year

The Maya Fast Track is offered twice a year, during the Spring (April–June) and Fall (October–December) terms. Visit the Academic Calendar for specific term dates and registration periods.


Taught by industry professionals, the Maya Fast Track consists of ten one-week courses. All Maya Fast Track courses can optionally be taken individually.

  • Week 1 Introduction to Maya

    Learn the basics of 3D computer graphics using Autodesk Maya. Lectures will cover the application of Maya in the film, television and game industries.

  • Week 2 Hard Surface Modeling 1

    This course is a comprehensive look at the complete suite of Maya's polygonal and subdivision surface modeling tools.

  • Week 3 Hard Surface Modeling 2

    This course offers in-depth training of advanced modeling tools, as well as specific techniques for modeling architecture, vehicles, and environments.

  • Week 4 Texturing and Shading 1

    Learn to use texturing techniques as tools for achieving a level of complexity that would be difficult, or too computationally expensive by modeling alone.

  • Week 5 Lighting and Rendering with mental ray

    This course covers how to achieve successful lighting effects with the Maya renderer through a mix of technical and aesthetic lessons.

  • Week 6 Animation and Visual Effects

    Learn the core toolset for motion keyframing, procedural modeling, dynamics and sound synchronization.

  • Week 7 Character Rigging Fundamentals

    Set up a character for a wide range of complex body movement, with controls that are intuitive and flexible.

  • Week 8 Character Rigging for Production

    Learn advanced topics related to body and head deformations in Maya, including rigid/soft binding, stitching and advanced facial deformation.

  • Week 9 Introduction to Dynamic Effects

    This course covers how to produce particle-based effects such as smoke, fire, galaxies and many other commonly used effects.

  • Week 10 Dynamic Effects for Production

    Learn advanced techniques for creating dynamic effects.

Alumni Success Stories

Gnomon graduates are prime job candidates directly after graduation, ready to hit the ground running. Gnomon is proud to have successful alumni working all over the world.

Melissa Altobello

Uncharted 2

Texture Artist, Naughty Dog

Ryan Calloway

Transformers 2

3D Modeling and
Texture Artist,
Industrial Light and Magic

Jessica Johnson

Diablo 3

Associate Cinematic Artist,
Blizzard Entertainment

See More Alumni


  • Tuition: $11,800
  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $75
  • Total Program Cost: $11,875

International Requirements

  • Visa processing fee: $150
  • Total Program Cost: $12,025
  • Proof of a minimum of $17,360 in available funds is required for a 10-week period of stay


Decisions are based on a student's application form, samples of their artwork and interview with the admissions department. Students are informed of decisions within two weeks after their application is received. Students should submit 10 15 pieces of 3D artwork via email, website or DVD. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis. Students may begin this program every quarter.


Artwork by student Ryan Calloway
Concept by Travis Louie

Artwork by student Josh Herman
Concept by Khang Lee

"Gnomon's classes are well-rounded, their content well thought out and their recruiting and business practices beyond reproach." - Frank Gladstone, Dreamworks, SKG Animation

Artwork by student Diana Zeng

"I found Gnomon to be one of the few, if not the only school, with a thorough understanding of the needs the industry has concerning the education of 3D artists." - Henrik Fett, Look Effects