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White Swan

Directed by Sil van der Woerd, Director - Mothership

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Project Director

Sil van der Woerd


Project Description

Director Sil van der Woerd collaborates with team of Gnomon School students to make his latest project come to life. The full video of White Swan is now available for viewing online.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects is proud to announce the world-wide release of award-winning Director and Resident Artist, Sil Van der Woerd’s latest project White Swan, a music video in which Sil integrated live action footage with complex digital sets to create imaginative environments.

White Swan is Sil van der Woerd's second music video for singer Lolly Jane Blue. The video was shot in a dead coal mine in Belgium with the Red One camera. The post production was done in collaboration with students from Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

"Sil brings a rich and diverse background in live action direction, independent filmmaking, photography, mixed new media and 3D computer graphics to the extensive mix of talent that makes up Gnomon’s well known staff of Artists in Residence," explains Founder of Gnomon, Alex Alvarez. "I found his past projects to be innovative and inspiring and knew that Gnomon and more importantly, Gnomon students, would want to learn from Sil and be a part of his latest project. These types of project-based opportunities are definitely ongoing at Gnomon. We’ve seen it have such a valuable impact on our students learning experience and we'll continue to bring this type of talent into Gnomon to direct different projects."

A former student of Gnomon himself, Sil had seen first hand the level of talent of students at Gnomon, but was surprised with the outcome of the project in many ways. “I was really blown away at how flexible and well-rounded the students were that worked on the video,” says Sil. I would throw them a very complex task and they were able to problem solve and get the work done. It turned out better than even I expected and I had set the bar extremely high. The dedication to not just get it done, but to get it done perfectly was apparent from the start.”

Sil is currently producing The Making of White Swan DVD with The Gnomon Workshop, covering all aspects of the production of White Swan. This is set to be released in September 2009.

As of August 2009, Sil will be directing commercial work at Digital Domain.

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Post Production Credits

Sil van der Woerd, Evaldas Cesnavicius, Jorik Dozy, Jake Raymor, Aernout Van Pallandt, Josh Herman, Rajbir Dhalla, Scott Line, Devon Fay, Ingin Kim, Johanna Daluz, Coleman Gibb, Amanda Yoshida, Trevor Wallace, Ioannis Karathomas, Lorin Zilka, Nicole Torres, Melissa Altobello, Gideon Vandegrift, Eric Miller, Nikki Coletta, Mahzad Shariari, Chris Kroll, Nitin Garg, Ebrahim Jahromi, Wei-Chuan Hsu, Danny Wynne, Christina Whiteley, Jason Burton, Tefft Smith II, Alexander Nietzold, Michael Cacciamani, Christine Alpas, Josh Iwanski, Chris Perkowitz, Lisa Bacareza, Brian Shaw, Jorki Dozy, Adam Deutsch


Best Music Video –HDFest

2nd place Dutch music video competition – Shoot Me Film Festival

Special Jury Prize – Amsterdam Film Festival

Best Music Video - White Swan
Best Music Performer - Lolly Jane Blue – I've Seen Films Festival

Production Shots / Concept Art