Leon has seven years of experience as a Character Animator for feature films and video games. He has worked on feature films like Hop, The Nut Job and Hotel Transylvania 2. He has also animated characters for blockbuster video games like Spiderman, Grand Theft Auto IV and Unreal Tournament III. Leon has a strong key-frame animation ability and a clear understanding of natural mechanics for dealing with motion-capture.


Spider-Man (Video Game) (Animator)
Rock Dog (Animator)
Hotel Transylvania 2 (Character Animator)
Sunset Overdrive (Video Game) (Cinematic Animator)
Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United (Video) (Animator)
The Nut Job (Animator)
Red Tails (Animator)
Hop (Animator)
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (Video Game) (Animator)
Unreal Tournament III (Video Game) (Animator)

Work Experience

Character Animator, Insomniac Games
Owner, G1toons
Character Animator, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Character Animator, Reel FX
Sot Creator, The Third Floor


Concept Design Academy, Analytical Figure Drawing
Animation Mentor, Diploma for Advanced Studies in Character Animation