For over 30 years, Mike Polvani has been working in animation at all levels of the production pipeline. He has worked at such acclaimed studios as Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Lucasfilm, BentoBox, Don Bluth Studios and many others. Mike has worked on blockbuster feature films like The Simpsons Movie, The Iron Giant and Hercules. He also worked on award-winning TV series like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and The Simpsons. He has been teaching animation for many years at the college level as well as leading workshops for industry professionals. Mike has studied under some of the masters of animation and illustration such as Glenn Vilppu, Walt Stanchfield, Tom Sito and Lenord Robinson.


Central Park (TV series) (Character Designer)
Cacophony (short) (Lead Designer)
The Simpsons Movie (Character Designer)
The Origin of Stitch (short) (Animator)
Timeless Tales (Character Animator)
Stitch’s Great Escape (short) (Animator)
The Oblongs (TV series) (Character Layout Artist)
The Simpsons (TV series) (Character Layout Artist)
The Iron Giant (Clean-up Assistant)
Hercules (Animator)
Cats Don’t Dance (Animator)
The Swan Princess (Animator)
Tom and Jerry: The Movie (Animator)
Rover Dangerfield (Animator)
The Little Mermaid (Breakdown and In-between Artist)
She-Ra: Princess of Power (TV series) (Assistant Animator)
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (Assistant Animator)
Ghostbusters (TV series) (Assistant animator)
An American Tail (Assistant Animator)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (TV series) (Assistant Animator)

Work Experience

Animator, Bentobox,
Senior Animator, Lucasfilm
Animator, Creative Capers Entertainment
Animator, Submarine Studios
Animator, Duck Studios
Animator, Engine Room
Animator, Big Box Productions
Animator, Orphanage Animation Studios
Storyboard Revisionist, Nickelodeon Animation
CGI Animator, Rhythm & Hues
Animator, Renegade Animation
Character Animator, Cartoon Network
CGI Animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Assistant Animator, Warner Bros. Feature Animation
Animator, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Animator, Chuck Jones Film Productions
Assistant Animator, Don Bluth Studios
Assistant Animator, Filmation Studios


Karl Gnass workshop, Painting, 2009
Verne Wilson Art Studio, Life Drawing, 1989-1993
Walt Stanchfield workshops, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Gesture Drawing, 1988-1991
The Brandes Art Institute, Animation, 1983-1986