Winter 2019 Term Featured Classes

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Gnomon Winter 2019 Featured Classes

Gnomon Winter 2019 Featured Classes

Classes for Gnomon's Winter 2019 term start on January 7th, but in the meantime, you can check out our featured on-campus courses. Registration starts tomorrow, Thursday, November 29th at 10am PST, so be sure to scope out our course list and sign up for our newsletter for an email reminder on when to register!

Digital Sculpting

Digital Sculpture, Student Artwork by Mido Lai
Digital Sculpting, Student Artwork by Mido Lai

Learn the technical basics of digital sculpting. This class focuses on sculpting with Pixologic's ZBrush, along with its role in digital sculpting, 3D art, 3D printing, and illustration. Students will learn the interface, tools, and workflows to proficiently create digital models and sculptures using ZBrush and Maya. Tools such as ZSpheres, Dynamesh, powerful sculpting brushes, and more are used to show students how to apply artistic processes to create high quality 3D sculptures with confidence. Production workflows such as importing, exporting, and map generation are also covered to ensure students utilize the work created in ZBrush in other applications.

Our Digital Sculpting classes will be taught by James Schauf and Louie Tucci. James is currently a visual development artist and modeler with credits including Moana, Big Hero 6, the Kung Fu Panda series, and more. Louie works very closely with ZBrush as a brand manager at Pixologic, the software's parent company. Both James and Louie are experienced instructors, industry professionals, and Gnomon alumni!

Art of Compositing

Art of Compositing, Student Artwork by Stefan Kang
Art of Compositing, Student Artwork by Stefan Kang

Through weekly lectures, in-class practice, and out of class assignments, students learn compositing techniques using The Foundry’s Nuke. Emphasis is placed on the user interface, node-based workflows, color correction, rotoscoping, color management, painting, tracking, color keying, matting, and 3D workflows. Classes include compositing demonstrations, discussions of node-based methods, project critiques, and industry tips. Students will explore various styles of compositing utilizing Nuke, working towards a final project for presentation.

Art of Compositing is taught by Martin Hall, a Senior Compositor at FuseFX with over twenty years of industry experience.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing, Instructor Artwork by April Connors
Gesture Drawing, Instructor Artwork by April Connors

Develop skills in gesture drawing from a live model. This course is a complement to Life Drawing and focuses on the expression of gesture in the human form. In-class drawing sessions use live models, both nude and costumed, in a variety of character and story-driven poses. Students will learn critical elements of dynamic drawing, such as pose analysis, silhouette development, proportion, balance, and critical thinking in terms of storytelling and design. By drawing quickly and spontaneously, students learn to be more creative, inventive, and versatile as visual artists.

Gesture Drawing will be taught by April Connors, a traditional dynamic figurative illustrator, visual development artist, and author whose works have been exhibited world-wide.

Color Theory and Light

This course explores the practical 2D applications of the fundamentals of light and color. Lectures and demonstrations cover topics such as bounced light, camera effects, value patterns, shadows, and atmospherics. Value scale and color wheel exercises, and at-home assignments in traditional media reinforce learned successful applications of color harmonies and atmospheric principles. Gaining experience in the foundation of color provides students with the ability to expand on existing visual techniques.

Art of Compositing is taught by Bob Pastrana, an award-winning illustrator with nearly twenty years teaching experience and multiple published works.

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