Gnomon and ArtStation Join Forces for ArtStation MasterClasses 3

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Artwork by Nick Hiatt

Artwork by Nick Hiatt

Gnomon is once again partnering with ArtStation for the upcoming ArtStation MasterClasses 3. Taking place March 11th through March 24th, this year’s event will feature classes from world-renowned artists including Aaron Sims, Andy Park, and Ian Joyner. Classes will cover a variety of film-focused topics including character and creature design, environment and set design, vehicle design, illustration for film, storytelling through layout and composition, and more.

ArtStation MasterClasses is an internationally available online event for students and professionals that offers attendees access to ten masterclass videos featuring over twenty hours of lectures from illustrious artists in the entertainment industry. In addition to the lectures, attendees will have the opportunity to connect directly with their instructors and fellow classmates through exclusive class forums.

This year's instructors include:

You can find the full list of classes as well as all the information you need to register over on the ArtStation MasterClasses website.

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