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What is Gnomon’s new scholarship offering?

Beginning in the Spring 2018 term, Gnomon’s Merit-Based Scholarships will be awarded to select students based on the strength of their application, portfolio, and admissions interview. Our scholarship is designed not only to provide financial relief to recipients, but also to recognize their artistic excellence. The school has long viewed the acceptance of students as a mutual investment from both student and institution. Gnomon’s Merit-Based Scholarship reflects our end of that investment.

Why are you providing a scholarship?

There has been an ongoing discussion on how to provide scholarships to our students for a long time. With the launch of our BFA program in 2017, the school has been focused on the continual development of student resources and how to better serve students. We’re very aware of the financial strains college students all over the country are feeling and we’re hopeful that our scholarship awards can provide some relief to talented students who could benefit from additional financial help.

Who is eligible to apply?

In order to be eligible for consideration, candidates must be an applicant to a Gnomon full-time program – either our BFA program or our Certificate program. Applicants must have completed all application requirements prior to the corresponding deadline and have no previous record of acceptance or enrollment in a Gnomon full-time program. In other words, if you’re new to Gnomon and you’ve completed your application to a full-time program within the deadline, you’re eligible for a merit-based scholarship. This includes both domestic and International applicants.

What is the criteria for judging portfolios?

Gnomon's portfolio standards reflect our commitment to accept only the candidates we feel show potential to succeed, both in our program and in their careers post-graduation. Each program at Gnomon has a unique set of portfolio guidelines which can be viewed here.

Applicants have the option of receiving a preliminary review of their portfolios prior to submission by contacting

Who is judging the applicants?

Applicants are scored on the strength of their application and interview by their Admissions Advisors. Portfolios are reviewed by a committee consisting of members of our Education and Placement offices who possess extensive knowledge of our programs and have experience in the visual effects and entertainment industries.

How many people will receive the scholarships and how much will be awarded?

This is entirely dependent on the applicant pool. Scholarship amounts will vary but will start at a minimum award of $500. We plan to grow our scholarship resources and offer additional opportunities in the future.

How does a student apply for a scholarship?

All program applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships when they are reviewed for admission. Applicants will not need to submit anything additional to be considered for a scholarship.

When are the application deadlines?

Program application deadlines for each term are listed on our academic calendar. Generally, the deadlines are about 10 weeks prior to the term start date, however, spaces can fill up quickly so the earlier the submission, the better.

How will applicants be notified?

Recipients will be notified by the Admissions Office. The scholarship award amount and other details will be included in the applicant’s letter of acceptance.

In what form will the scholarship be given?

Scholarship awards are applied to the student’s first term tuition in the form of a tuition discount.

Who should applicants contact for more information?

To learn more about our scholarship opportunities, portfolio guidelines, or to receive general information about becoming a Gnomon student, please contact our Admissions Office at Admissions advisors are artists themselves who are committed to helping students identify their personalized paths to accomplishing their educational and career goals. They’re also very friendly!

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