New Gnomon Library Unveiled

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Image of the Gnomon Library

Image of the Gnomon Library

The Gnomon Library & Learning Resource Center is a place for inquiry, inspiration and innovation. We provide resources and materials that support the educational, professional, and personal information needs of our students, faculty and staff.

The Library collection is growing and includes course-related and professional resources such as books, access to online databases, trade industry magazines and newspapers all collected to reflect the diversity and richness of art, design and digital production courses offered by the college. It is a very special library that not only offers traditional and digital resources, but also an eclectic selection of skulls, vintage items, and other artifacts curated to provide students with an up close and personal view of each item, noting it’s surface, movement, texture, and reaction to light. The Gnomon Workshop is another key resource of the learning resources, adding over 1000 hours of lecture and demonstrative tutorials created by a multitude of industry experts from a variety of art-making fields to provide supplemental and foundational knowledge needed in subject-specific courses.

Message from Alex Alvarez, Gnomon Founder & President:

"The launch of Gnomon's BFA degree came with a requirement for us to have a library, which was an exciting task that I took upon myself to tackle. Ultimately the goal was to create a comfortable space where students would feel at ease and inspired, while offering access to valuable resources both in books and objects. Each Gnomon space begins as an empty shell, therefore consideration goes into every aspect. As with all Gnomon expansions, I work with an architect to layout the ergonomics of space: walls, windows, doors and so on. I then build it to scale in Maya, determining what will need to be custom made vs located from a vendor. The library is a mix of both, where all the tables are custom, hand-made, pieces of wood and steel. Shelves and lighting were sourced then modified to better fit our needs.

The objects within the library will be an ongoing project for us, with input from faculty, students and our Library Director, Lucy Bellamy. Lucy has been collecting various texts and we've been fortunate to have several donations. I've taken on the task of finding cool reference objects, similar to items I have in my own personal collection, such as skulls, vintage typewriters, antique books and so on. As an artist, reference is always a critical element to achieving authenticity in one's work. Whether it is anatomical reference or weathered materials (steel vs wood vs bronze vs paper), I find that it is easy to find inspiration in a diverse range of elements.

While the library has just opened, it has been great to hear a lot of positive feedback and suggestions, which we look forward to implementing as the space evolves. I imagine that it will never be 'done', but rather a continual work in progress. At least I now have another good excuse to find and acquire cool stuff... knowing that it will help our students stay inspired and informed."

Explore what books and resources are available here.

The Gnomon Library and Learning Resources is managed by the Library Director, Lucy Bellamy, a seasoned academic librarian who joins us from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. As Director of Library and Learning Resources, Lucy’s objective is to develop library services and resources that respond to the information and research needs of Gnomon’s students, faculty and education staff. Lucy is committed to supporting Gnomon faculty in the classroom, as well as each student working to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals. Her experience working with student communities pursuing careers in art and design has ensured a keen understanding of the unique information needs of Gnomon’s student community.

Message from the LRC:

1/12: The librarian from The LA Public Library's Hollywood Branch will be visiting our library on Wednesday, January 17th to help students, faculty, and staff register for a library card. Come visit from 1-2PM!

12/27: Thank you so much for the many generous donations that we have received. We would like to specifically thank 3DTotal Publishing for their large donation of over 40 books from their catalog. If you are interested in making a donation to the library, send an email here.

The Library is currently open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the librarian.

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