Join us on Thursday, September 30th for a livestream event with Nick Seavert, Founder of JangaFX, as he demonstrates EmberGen - the leading software for creating real-time simulations. EmberGen allows artists to simulate and render explosions, fire, smoke, magic, and other phenomena in real-time and has become the go-to simulation tool for games, music videos, and film.

During this livestream, Nick will demo the software and go over the variety of effects EmberGen can create, how you can utilize it in your pipeline, and what features the company are working on to advance the state of real-time tools in the industry. He will also share his thoughts on how real-time is going to change the industry for the better.

Be sure to join us for the entire livestream, so you can catch a brief interview with Nick and our host, Gnomon Education Lead Beau Janzen, and watch an EmberGen reel including projects from Riot Games! Nick will also do a Q&A at the end of event, so bring your (simulated) burning questions with you!

Watch the stream on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live on Thursday, September 30th at 7:30pm PDT.

Events with closed captioning are available via Gnomon Facebook Page.


Gnomon's full-time programs and 10-week individual courses are designed to develop well-rounded artists that are skilled in the diverse disciplines within 3D production. For those outside of the US, virtual classroom-style online courses are also available.

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Guest Speakers

Nick SeavertJangaFX Founder & CEO

Nick is an entrepreneur and VFX Artist who is currently the Founder and CEO of JangaFX. Nick got his start modding games in 2006 and quickly fell in love with creating visual effects for games. After spending far too much time waiting for simulations and renders, he started JangaFX in 2016 to offer real-time visual effects tools to the game and film industries. Nick also had a professional stint in the games industry as a VFX artist at Funcom.

Beau JanzenGnomon Education Lead

As Education Lead, Beau is responsible for developing curriculum for Gnomon’s VFX courses. Beau makes a continuous assessment of the visual effects industry and ensures that Gnomon’s scholastic pursuits are meeting these technical and artistic standards. Through exposure to industry professionals as well as a decade creating curriculum for postsecondary technological art-making institutions, Beau helps foster high-level specialty skills-sets, while still providing a broad view of the production pipeline so students understand their own integration into a visual effects team.

Beau also provides mentorship to students and works with Gnomon’s faculty to foster communication across all programs. He has over twenty-five years of experience as a CG Supervisor, artist and instructor. He holds a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from Ball State University, and a Master degree from the University of Kentucky in Instructional Systems Design.

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