The Gnomon Gallery and Pixologic are honored to present The Art of ZBrush II. This impressive collection of art, sculpture, and 3D-printed objects has been carefully selected from across the globe to showcase the incredible skills of the ZBrush artist community. From magnificent character renders to breathtaking scientific illustrations and complex furniture creations, the exhibition offers a glimpse at the remarkable flexibility of the digital sculpting tool while highlighting the achievements of those setting the bar. What’s more, visitors will be able to explore some of the 3D models in more detail through a unique AR app, Artifice 4D, designed specifically for interacting with 3D art.

Join us for the opening night on Saturday, October 1st, from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. There will be complimentary refreshments and networking aplenty. Don’t miss out on fantastic opportunities to mingle with an eclectic mix of ZBrush experts and fans at the Gnomon campus during the ZBrush Summit 2016. The exhibition will remain open until January 2017 and will be available for public viewing during business hours. The Gallery Show is free to attend.

Artist List

  • Alexey Kashpersky
  • Andrea Chiampo
  • Bn Vichar
  • Brett Briley
  • Chris Patterson
  • Chris Tran
  • Dennis Mejillones
  • Dmitry Gaborak
  • Ehsan Bigloo
  • Erick Sosa
  • Felipe Pesantez
  • Furio Tedeschi
  • id Software
  • Ioan Dumitrescu
  • Jared Krichevsky
  • Joe Menna
  • Lucas Hug
  • Luis Carrasco
  • Shannon Thomas
  • Stephen Anderson
  • Tan Bi
  • Tomas Wittelsbach

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