Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students may withdraw from registered courses at any time and receive a pro rata refund if they have completed 60% or less of the scheduled days in the current payment period through the last day of attendance.

Please email your drop/refund requests to registrar@gnomon.edu. Tuition refunds are based on the date the written drop request is received.

Refunds will be made within 45 days of the date of cancellation. Requests will be processed during regular business hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Course Changes

To request a change of course section or to swap a course, please contact registrar@gnomon.edu or refer to the Student Catalog.

For further information and policies regarding Gnomon's individual and online courses, please see the Student Catalog.

Visitors/Minors at Gnomon

Gnomon’s Individual Courses are for adult learners only. You must be 18 or older to attend.

Visitors are welcome at Gnomon. However, if visitors plan to stay for an extended period of time, permission must be granted by the administration. All employees of Gnomon have the authority to ask anyone who is being disruptive or disrespectful to leave the premises. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Reservation of Rights

Gnomon reserves the right to change tuition fees, scheduled dates of courses, course offerings, instructors, policies, and procedures pursuant to California Code of Regulations (CCR) and California Education Code (CEC). Gnomon also reserves the right to deny enrollment in courses to any student and the right to withdraw any student whose conduct fails to comply with the policies, rules, and standards of Gnomon.

Student Verificaton

All students enrolled in an online course are required to have a working webcam for each class session. Instructors will validate attendance at the beginning of each class using your webcam presence. Failure to have a working webcam will result in the instructor marking the student absent for that class session.

Webcams allow students to communicate directly with the instructor of the class without the distractions of using the chat module in the application. This helps to facilitate a more interactive experience for both the student and instructor.