Are you an Educator looking to connect? We provide several ways for art educators to engage with Gnomon, including professional development for teachers, representative visits to your classroom, campus group tours, and more. For scheduling or more information, contact Gnomon’s Outreach and Recruitment office to learn how Gnomon can best serve you and your students:

Schedule a Group Tour

Group tours are available to be scheduled on Fridays from 10am - 12pm and include a campus tour of Gnomon, presentation on Gnomon curriculum and the career opportunities for young artists and the industry. Lunch is provided. Transportation assistance is offered, as needed.

Have Gnomon Visit Your Classroom

Our dynamic classroom presentation is a unique opportunity for your students to hear from a Gnomon representative about the exciting career paths within the animation, visual effects, and games industries.

Request Materials for Your Classroom

We’re happy to send a variety of educational materials to your students, including viewbooks, program brochures, classroom posters, and more.

Industry Days @ Community Colleges

Our Community College Industry Days connect Gnomon alumni working at well-known film and game studios with your Art and Media students. Our alumni will share their industry experience as well as their trajectory from amateur artist to studio professional. These events are open to all community colleges.

Professional Development for Art Educators

Interested in expanding your arts curriculum? Gnomon offers Professional Development opportunities for art educators looking to keep their skills and knowledge sharp for their personal or professional growth. Join the Priority Wait List here to be the first to learn about upcoming dates.

How do I get my students engaged?

There are several additional opportunities for your students to engage with Gnomon and learn more about the educational pathways and career options within Animation, VFX, and games.

Campus Open House

Our Open House is a great way to learn about the unique offerings at Gnomon through a campus tour and industry overview and curriculum presentation. The Director of Admissions, Admissions Advisors as well as the Director of Financial Aid are on site for individual questions. Please encourage students to RSVP.